We work each song with an unique approach to enhance your own character.



We produce your song with PIANO and VOICE

Stage Piano: YES

Other Instruments: NO

IN BARCELONA: Recording your voice in our studio: YES (1 hour)

REMOTELY: Send your vocal track: YES (1 track)

Mixing and Mastering: YES

Modifications: 1





We produce your song with FULL INSTRUMENTATION

Stage Piano: YES

Other Instruments: YES

IN BARCELONA: Recording your voice or instruments in our studio: YES (2 hours)

REMOTELY: Send your vocal or instrumental tracks: YES

Mixing and Mastering: YES

Modifications: 2




We produce your song with FULL INSTRUMENTATION + REAL DRUMS

Stage Piano: YES

Other Instruments: YES

REAL DRUMS, recorded in a external studio: YES

IN BARCELONA: Recording your voice in our studio: YES (3 hours)

REMOTELY: Send your vocal or instrumental tracks: YES

Mixing and mastering: YES

Modifications: 3



Awarded composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Diego Zaldivar will produce your song in his studio.

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Any question?

Do I have to be in Barcelona to hire you?

No, the song could be produced remotely. If you want to sing your song, you can send us your voice track with no need to come to our studio.

If I get the “PREMIUM” pack, who records the drums?

We only work with the finest drummers in Barcelona, we warranty it will meet your expectations in terms of interpretation and sound.

What does “mastering a song” means? How do you do it?

It´s the last step of the process, one last opportunity to balance the sound, and it´s also when we determine the final level (volume) of the song. If it´s part of an album, it´s convenient to master all the songs together, to make them sound even in volume perception and overall sound.

What does “mixing a song” means? How do you do it?

To process and manipulate the tracks (voice and instruments) of a song to make them sound like a unified musical  product. We use a software sequencer (DAW) called SONAR, special speakers called “near-field reference monitors” and reference headphones that assure that your song will sound good in all devices (small headphones, phones, cars and parties).

What does “arranging a song” means?

It´s about “dressing up” the song with instruments, textures and musical ideas in order to give life to your song, enhance its communication power and aesthetic coherence.

How can I decently record my voice at home?

The basics: to have a not too slow PC, a soundcard with at least one preamp, a condenser microphone and a pair of closed headphones. Now a days we can purchase good equipment at a fair price. Just as an example, we´ll recommend the following products: Audient ID4 soundcard (120 EUR), Rode NT1-A  microphone (169EUR) with a XLR cable (15EUR), AKG K52 headphones (28 EUR). With all this plus a room with not too much noise from the exterior and not too much “eco” in the interior, you´re set and ready to record good tracks.

I can´t pull off a quality audio track with my voice, I don´t have a good microphone.

We can restore, clean up and impressively improve the quality of an audio you send, and depending on the style of the song, it could be even interesting to use a rough audio. Nevertheless we suggest other two solutions: 1. Improve your equipment (see next question) or 2. if you´re around Barcelona, come yourself to record your voice in our professional studio.

How do you deliver the final song?

We send it in an email, WhatsApp message or the social network of your preference, but also we send a CD quality wave file (16bit 44.1kHz), or studio quality if you prefer (24bit48kHz).

What format should I send my audio tracks?

We accept any format, even WhatsApp messages. If you send us a track intended to be included in the final version of the song, it´s recommended that you send a WAVE file (.WAV) with the best possible resolution (at least 16bits 44.1kHz). We work at 24bits 48kHz.

Can I ask to modify the song once it´s finished?

Of course, once we deliver the song, you can send us your feedback and we will implement the desired changes. Depending on the service you hire, you have up to three instances of feedback.

How long does it take to produce a song?

It depends on the demand at the moment, but normally it takes up to a week. Two weeks in case you hired the PREMIUM service.

Can I record myself other instruments than just my voice?

Yes, FULL and PREMIUM services allow you to send us more tracks to mix in the song.

Opinions of some artists

  • 5
    “Diego has gorgeous talent and imagination as a musician and arranger. It was a real pleasure to work with him at the production of my album “Pilar”.”
    Ángel Petisme
  • 5
    "Recording at Diego´s is entering to a universe of music and genius. He understands music beyond the frontiers of orthodoxy. He´s one of the most brilliant musicians I ever met, I recommend 100%.”
    Joaquín Galiano
  • 5
    “This guy is a tremendous musician. It´s just great how he composes and plays the piano.... he´s a really talented artist.”
    Litto Nebbia
  • 5
    “For many years Diego´s been my “primary care” musician. His editing and recording skills, his generosity when it comes to suggest arrangements and his talent as a multi-instrumentalist make Diego an authentic and genius chef of the musical cuisine.”
    Quique Ubieto
  • 5
    “I was lucky to work at Diego´s studio, a cozy place full of musicality. Diego as musician and producer fully understands what he wants to express in each recording, due to his broad knowledge and musical sensitivity.”
    Iván Vilches
  • 5
    "Diego has known how to get the best songs from me that I could never imagine. His work in editing is pure goldsmithing and craftsmanship. Diego does not limit himself to recording your song, it will endow him with a journey that you could not imagine before."
    José Luis Lozano

Listen to some examples

Por ti (Quique Ubieto)
Island (Mariana Gianelli)
La Terracita del Berenguer (Jose Luis Lozano)
El Club de lo Incierto (Manon Lemesque & Natalia Spiner)